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12 Places in Your Home You Forget to Clean

Cleaning might be a hassle, but it is absolutely essential to do for every household. However, hidden dirt and dust can easily build up in unexpected places in your house that even a clean freak may forget to clean. Therefore, here’s a list of 12 places in your home most forget to clean, so you can target those neglected spots and cover every inch of your home!

Yes, you wash the cases to your pillows; however, you should also wash the actual pillow once every three to six months to remove any mold, bacteria, and odors. Most pillows are machine washable, so you should be able to throw them into the laundry to clean them. This goes for throw pillows as well. Just be sure to check the labels to see if they are machine washable before throwing them in the laundry.

Places up high or hard-to-reach areas are always the first spots in your home that everyone forgets to clean, especially the top of your doorframes. This hard-to-reach area collects a lot of dust. Make sure to wipe a feather duster or cloth across the top, sides, and entire surface of the doorframes to avoid dust build up.

Under Appliances
The small space under you major appliances collects a lot of dust, grime, and even food. Pull out your refrigerator, stove, and other appliances out every once in a while to clean the surface under them. When you do this, make sure you give the area a good and thorough cleaning. Clean the coils of the refrigerator with a coil cleaning brush, vacuum, and wipe down the walls and sides of the refrigerator. Complete the same cycle for your stove and other appliances as well.

Just like doorframes, baseboards collect a significant amount of dust as well. Baseboards collect dust all day from a multitude of things, especially rooms with a lot of foot traffic. The best way to clean your baseboards is to either vacuum them or run a damp cloth along the surface of them. However, unlike doorframes, this is a cleaning chore you should add to you weekly cleaning list, or at least clean them every other week!

Ceiling Fans
If you haven’t run your ceiling fan in awhile than there is most likely a thick build up of dust. Make sure to clean the blades of the ceiling fan every once in a while to rid your house of excess dust. The easiest way to do this is to grab a pillowcase and put it over the ceiling fan blades. Then pull the pillowcase off and wipe off all the excess dust inside the pillowcase!

Even your dishwasher needs a good cleaning every now and then. Make sure to clean the dishwasher filter and run a cycle with hot water with a cup of white vinegar. This will help remove hard-water deposits, soap scum, and clogged food debris.

Small Appliances
Most areas that individuals forget to clean are the places that are out of sight, like the insides of small appliances. Every once in a while, make sure to unplug your small appliances and give them a cleaning!

Window Treatments
If you are trying to deep clean you house, don’t skip your curtains or window treatments. Curtains build up and collect a lot of dust, dirt, and pollen, so make sure you clean them every once in a while. You can vacuum them from top to bottom or wipe a damp cloth over them. However, if you’re luck and you have machine washable and dryable curtains, throw them in the wash!

Dusting the shelves in you house isn’t the only thing you should clean! Don’t forget to clean the books that the shelves hold as well. When books are left untouched, the paper deteriorates faster. Make sure to remove the books from the shelves and dust along the spine and tops of the book and flip through the pages. The best thing about this cleaning task is that you only have to do it once or twice a year.

Trash Cans
Although your trash cans are just a receptacle for trash, you’ll want to give them a clean every now and again. Take your trash can outside to rinse it. Use a hose, a long-handled brush, and a mixture of white vinegar and warm water to scrub out any bacteria or mildew that could collect in your trash cans.

Shower Curtains
Bring your shower curtain back to life with this quick and easy fix! Throw the curtain in the washing machine with your towels. Add detergent and a cup of baking soda and you shower curtain should come back to life without any spots or soap scum!

Washer and Dryer
It might seem counterproductive or unnecessary, but you should clean the machines that clean your clothes every once in a while! There are a multitude of things that could cause mildew to build up in your washer and dryers. From poor ventilation to leaving damp clothes in your washer, mildew can collect and encourage growth. To prevent this, clean the rubber door seals with 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 2 cups of warm water. Once you’ve finished that, fill the bleach dispenser with bleach and run a complete cycle with hot water without any clothes. You should do this every two to four months to keep every thing clean! As for your dryer, make sure the exhaust duct is cleaned every year by a professional. Not only will it keep your clothes clean and safe, but it is also more efficient and will help you save money.

If you forget to clean these areas, don’t worry! It’s okay if you don’t clean these areas every time. Just make sure you don’t forget about them and clean them from time to time!

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