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How to Throw a Barbecue Like a Boss

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end, so soak up as much summer sun as you can throughout the next month and throw an amazing barbecue! Invite all of your friends, family, and neighbors for a fun get-together and enjoy the outdoors before the weather starts to change. Here are some tips to help you throw a barbecue party like a boss!

Invite Your Guests
You can’t have an awesome barbecue without friends, family, and neighbors! If you’re planning on throwing a barbecue get-together, make sure to contact anyone you are inviting right away and let them know about the upcoming festivities so they don’t make other plans!

Go for a Potluck Style BBQ
Potlucks are the easiest way to throw a fantastic barbecue. When you invite your guests, ask them to bring a side dish or drinks to share with the group. There is no shame in asking for help, and most people usually ask what they can contribute to the get-together, even if it’s as simple as bringing a bag of chips and dip!

Pick Easy and Classic Recipes
You don’t always have to go all out when you throw a barbecue. Keep it simple and easy and stick to classic recipes that you know everyone loves. However, if you really want to experiment with the menu feel free! Just know you don’t have to go all out to impress everyone. Also, when you are planning your menu and grocery list, think about if your guests have any food allergies or specifications. Are there any vegetarians? Is one of your guests gluten-free? Ask when you invite your guests, so you can plan accordingly and have alternative options!

Pick the Perfect Drinks
Just like picking easy and classic recipes, you’ll want to stick with drinks you know everyone enjoys. Make sure to have an array of options for people to choose from. Some people might prefer a non-alcoholic drink. So have alternative options on hand so everyone can have a refreshing drink. Also, feel free to make your own beverages. It could be as simple as lemonade! Do some research and find a beverage you would like to try and add it to the mix!

Make the Best Playlist
Music always enhances any party or get-together. Make a playlist before your barbecue that screams summer to set the perfect mood all afternoon and evening long. Stick to music selections that are popular among everyone and will keep your guests smiling and wanting to dance!

Bust Out Yard Games
Nothing screams barbecue like a bunch of backyard games. Bust out all the popular yard games that you have and have them ready for your guests to enjoy. From classic yard games like croquet, horseshoes, corn hole, bocce ball, and badminton to new yard games like KanJam, make sure there are games to entertain your guests all day and night! Check out some of these DIY outdoor party games, perfect for any barbecue!

Keep It Simple
There is no need to overdo your barbecue with an excessive amount of decorations. In fact, you don’t even have to decorate at all for your barbecue if you don’t want to. Just put out enough tables and chairs for your guests and hang some lights or candles for when it gets dark and enjoy the fun-filled day with your friends, neighbors, and families!

Don’t Forget about Dessert
Everyone is so focused on the actual barbecue that everyone forgets about the most important part of the get-together – dessert! Again, you dessert option doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top, go for something simple that everyone enjoys. Set up a sundae station and serve ice cream sundaes or get a fire going with an outdoor fire pit and let everyone make s’mores. Whatever you decided to do for your dessert, make sure it easy to make, serve, and clean up, so you can enjoy the festivities as well!

Looking for a great neighborhood to host barbecues in? Check out all of Judd Builders wonderful planned communities! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you and answer all of your questions!