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6 Chic Design Trends for Your Bathroom

When it comes to designing your house it’s important to design to your style. However, sometimes you hit a wall and don’t know what to do with a space. Even worse, you’re having trouble redesigning your bathroom. Bathrooms can be fairly tricky to design, but there are always new trends to experiment with that can help take your bathroom to the next level. Below are just a few design trends for your bathroom. So read on and start brainstorming how you want to redesign your bathroom!

1. Have Fun With Tiles
Forget about subway tiles, the newest bathroom design trend finds uniquely shaped tiles the trend of the future. Although the subway tile will remain a classic, experimenting with different tile shapes, sizes, and patterns will take your bathroom design to the next level. Whether you choose a colorful tile to add that pop of color or a unique shape that will set your bathroom apart from others, be sure to have fun with this trend. The options are endless. So find the perfect tile that emulates your personality and design away!

2. Experimenting With Bold Colors
It’s become commonplace for many bathrooms to be designed with neutrals, but the newest trend has many individuals designing with bold color. Although it can be frightening to work with bold colors, this isn’t an opportunity to miss on out on. Having the bold pop of color in you bathroom will make a statement. Your bathroom will go from bland to dynamic. The color doesn’t have to come from paint either. You can use tiles or even small decor found within your bathroom. However, this trend isn’t for everyone. If you prefer more muted or neutral tones than stick to what you like. There are other trends that will lend well to that color palette.

3. Vanities
Vanities are back and bigger than ever. This new trend allows you to add a bit of practicality to your bathroom by adding more storage. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can opt for a single vanity or a double vanity or even have your very own vanity dedicated to makeup. Whatever your choice don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and material. Explore the multitude of vanity options and decide whether you want a wood or metal vanity, or do you prefer a vanity painted in a statement color. When choosing a vanity keep your personal style in mind and select the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

4. Brass is Back
Although chrome and silver furnishings will always be a classic, brass is back. What once was considered outdated, brass is making its comeback in bathroom design. From sink faucets to elaborate lighting fixtures, you can now add brass to your bathroom design. However, if you don’t want to fully commit to brass try rose gold, another hot design trend.

5. Bringing The Outdoors In
This trend is perfect for those who prefer a neutral color palette when designing their bathroom. Bringing the outdoors in is in vogue. Your preferred neutral color palette will lend well to making your bathroom feel more connected to the outdoors. However, there are other ways to bring the outdoors in without using color. You can play with plant life or add wooden textures/elements to your bathroom to successfully bring this trend to life. There are also benefits to this trend as well. Not only will you have a soothing bathroom to escape to, but with all the natural elements your bathroom will also feel spa like.

6. Minimalist Designs
You’ve heard it before, less is more, and it’s absolutely true when it comes to bathroom design. The newest and most popular design trend finds homeowners renovating their bathrooms with minimalism. Designing your bathroom with only the bare essential will create a calming and open atmosphere while making a sleek statement. However, be warned, this trend can be tricky to pull off if you have smaller bathroom. Don’t try to pull off this trend if you do have a smaller bathroom. You can easily pick another trend from above instead and still have a stunning bathroom!