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Luxury Bathrooms from The Design Studio

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At Judd Builders, we know when it comes to building homes, design matters. That’s why we have our very own Design Studio! Pick the fit and finishes of your new construction home and make your dream home a reality! Our Design Studio is a one stop shopping experience where you get to make your home […]


Bathroom Trends We Love

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Big Bathtubs & Open Showers Homeowners deserve a place to wind down after a long day, and what better place to do so than their own bathrooms? Open showers are great and can make a bathroom look bigger, while also providing more space and convenience for users. Asymmetrical or Uniquely Shaped Mirrors We love these […]


6 Chic Design Trends for Your Bathroom

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When it comes to designing your house it’s important to design to your style. However, sometimes you hit a wall and don’t know what to do with a space. Even worse, you’re having trouble redesigning your bathroom. Bathrooms can be fairly tricky to design, but there are always new trends to experiment with that can […]