Home Maintenance

7 Common Water Wasters

Every household is capable of wasting water that doesn’t need to be wasted. However, if you are conscious about common water wasters around the house, you’ll be able to cut down on your water usage, which will also help you save on your water bill! Here are seven common water wasters and how to cut down on your water usage!

When it comes to showering you should consider cutting your time in half to save on your water bill. Showering is one of the biggest water wasters on this list! Most showers pump out gallons of water per minute, which can easily add up when you take a 30-minute shower.

Hand Washing Dishes
If you’re going to wash your dishes, consider using a dishwasher instead. Dishwashers use less gallons of water per wash compared to the amount of water used from hand washing. Also, if you opt to use a dishwasher make sure to wash the dishes only when the machine is completely full.

Watering Your Lawn
Considered one of the biggest water wasters on this list, watering your lawn can use up to 265 gallons per hour. As lovely as green, healthy grass looks you should cut down on water usage by watering the lawn in the morning so that it doesn’t evaporate. Also, consider watering two or three days out of the week instead of everyday. This change will definitely cut down on water usage and save you money on your water bill!

Washing Your Car
Believe it or not, going to the car wash uses less water than washing your car at home. When you wash your car at home, you use around 80-140 gallons compared to the 30-45 gallons of water used at a car wash. So if you want to save on your bill you could always forget about the manual labor of washing your car and go to the car wash instead! However, if you prefer to wash your own car or don’t want to pay the money to wash your car consider washing your car in sections to save water.

When most people shave they tend to leave the water running, which is extremely wasteful. If your a guy, consider turning off the water until you need to use it again. If you are a woman, consider doing the same thing. Or fill up the tub slightly and shave your legs there!

Brushing Teeth
Just like shaving many individuals forget to turn off their faucets while they are brushing their teeth. This can waste up to 5 gallons, and that’s only for the first half of the day. If the water doesn’t get turned off while brushing one person can use up to 10 gallons per day per person. That’s right, if you have a family 10 gallons per person can really add up. So make the change and remember to turn off the water while brushing your teeth!

Washing Clothes
Washing clothes is essential to every household, but did you know that top loading washers waste more money that front loading washers? That’s right; front loading washers are more energy and water efficient. They use about 20 gallons of water per cycle while top loading washers use twice that. So consider getting a front loading washer and watch your water bill decline.