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Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have At Home

Natural eco-friendly cleaning products

Everyone loves a clean home – but not everybody loves the process. One thing that can make the process more enjoyable, eco-friendly and affordable is using all natural cleaning products.  Using natural cleaning supplies to clean your home is, unfortunately, not easier or any less time consuming, but it is safer, especially for children and pets. Cleaning a house naturally works just as well and can be equally encompassing, while also improving indoor air quality and saving money with DIY recipes. Making the switch to homemade DIY cleaners may seem like more work–with all the ingredients and recipes–but it’s actually very easy. The ingredients needed are readily available (mostly at grocery stores) and can last a long time. Here are some of the best and most versatile natural cleaning products:

Baking Soda

An open box of baking soda can be used to eliminate odors in the fridge, bathroom, and laundry room, as well as whiten sinks, showers, and tubs.


Skip the oily, store-bought wood cleaners and use natural beeswax to shine and polish your wood furniture.

Cornstarch and Club Soda

Combine these two common household ingredients for a great remedy for lifting stains from carpets and upholstery.

Essential Oils

Although chemical-free, pure essential oils can be very strong and should be used with caution. With just a few drops, essential oils add antibacterial power to any cleaning solution, as well as a refreshing scent.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This can be used to clean and disinfect around the house. Mix with baking soda and easily remove mildew from kitchens and bathrooms.


There is a reason why so many store-bought cleaning agents smell like lemon–the sweet aroma and cleaning power. Lemon juice can be added to all of your household cleaning recipes for a better smell, but also used raw to remove aromas from counters, cutting boards, and even the garbage disposal.

Natural Salt

Salt provides natural grit and gives your scrubbing the little extra power it needs to remove that stubborn, stuck-on grime. Large granular kosher salt works best, but any will do the trick.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is the unsung hero of natural cleaning supplies. This acidic liquid disinfects and deodorizes any surface and is safe and popular to use on all of your most germ-ridden areas around your home, including counters, doorknobs, and sinks.

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