Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

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Going green at home

Cut down on waste at home and try these simple ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home. You won’t just be saving the planet, but saving money, too! Use Glass Instead of Plastic Tupperware As easy fix is to buy glass. That way you are guaranteed that no chemicals will be released into […]


Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have At Home

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Natural eco-friendly cleaning products

Everyone loves a clean home – but not everybody loves the process. One thing that can make the process more enjoyable, eco-friendly and affordable is using all natural cleaning products.  Using natural cleaning supplies to clean your home is, unfortunately, not easier or any less time consuming, but it is safer, especially for children and […]


Fun DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

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rollers, brushes, home improvement tools

Check out our list of fun DIY projects to give your home a little personalization! Use old wallpaper on bookcases If you have some spare wallpaper lying around or find a pattern you like, paste it on the inside of bookcases for a fun design touch. This works particularly well on black or white shelves. […]