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Make the Best Use of Your Finished Basement

Let the Light In

Basement windows are often smaller than other windows in the house because the space is either partially or totally underground. Lighting will not only make the room feel bigger, but the bright light will make up for the lack of windows. Recessed lighting saves room though you may not have the ceiling space (or budget) to accommodate it. Instead, use wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps. To reflect light, hang mirrors strategically in the room.

Make it A Second Cozy Living Space

Consider a basement design that offers a second living room. Try something in this rustic modern farmhouse look. Or, use a monochromatic palate for a refreshing and airy feeling. Add a cafe-style beverage fridge, so you don’t even need to trek to the kitchen for a drink.

A Great Guest Bedroom

A finished basement can be a great place to host overnight guests when you’re lacking in spare bedrooms. If you keep it cozy and clean, your guests will be thrilled to spend the night in the basement.

A Game Room for the Whole Family

A finished basement can provide the perfect canvas for a family game room. The whole family can play pool, watch a football game or finish a game of Monopoly. The beauty of a basement game room is that you don’t have to fuss over keeping everything perfectly in its place (as you might upstairs) so you can focus on the fun instead.

Create Storage Solutions

Though your basement may also have a higher purpose, it often ends up serving as a general storage area. Incorporate shelves and cabinets and make sure storage units go from the floor to the ceiling to ensure you’re getting the most out of your space. Buy furniture that does double-duty, such as ottomans with a hidden compartment or side tables with drawers. Devote one end of your basement to general storage by hiding that area with a floor-to-ceiling wall covering in the same color as the surrounding walls.

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