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5 Inexpensive Personal Touches for Your Guest Bath

When guests come for a visit, they’ll feel more at home if they can have a little privacy. Want to make your guests feel welcome, appreciated, and well taken care of? Try some of these special touches.

Add Some Decorations

Because it is used less often, the guest bath may not have been decorated to the same extent as the other rooms in your home. To create a more warm, welcoming space, add a few decorations before your guests arrive. One idea: add a tray, set up a few candles, decorative items, and bottles to create a pretty display. Don’t forget to leave a matchbook nearby should they want to light a candle during their stay.

Fresh Flowers and Plants

Nothing makes a space feel like home more than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Set up beautiful blooms just before your guests arrive. It will make them feel special, and it will give your guest bathroom a style boost.

Invest in High-Quality Towels

It’s always a good idea to have a stack of new, fresh towels for your guests. Nobody enjoys using old, threadbare towels! Even if it’s just a washcloth and hand towel for a half-bathroom, make sure you have new (or almost new) items to provide your guests. Fold them neatly in a pile (or make a swan if you can!) and place them on the toilet seat or vanity.

Provide the Necessities

If you’ve ever traveled anywhere, you know that someone always forgets something, be it toothpaste, shampoo, cotton balls, or nail clipper. The best hotels have handy toiletry kits for guests, so why not do it too? In fact, you can now make use of all the hotel toiletries you’ve brought home over the years! If you have kids, have them help you prepare a little kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, a travel-sized soap, moisturizing cream, cotton swabs, and anything else you think your guests might find useful. Pack them together in a fabric pouch, tie it with a beautiful ribbon, and place it on the vanity.

Hang a Robe and Provide Slippers

One of the nicest luxuries in hotels is a soft, warm, plush bathrobe and matching slippers. Keep your guests warm by leaving a fresh robe on a hook in the bathroom with a soft pair of slippers. Your guests may never want to leave!

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