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2019 Home Décor Trends We Love

2019 has been off to a great start and new design trends are already showing up in new projects! From the color of the year to furniture with a purpose, there is a vast array of new trends that you can use to update your home décor. Here are the ten most popular trends of 2019!

Jewel & Blush Tones
When it comes to color and home accessories in 2019, jewel and blush tones are in and pastels are out! That’s right! Richer, bolder jewel tones are taking charge in 2019 and have become very prevalent in home design. The same goes for blush tones. Blush is now considered a neutral, which pairs well with grays and natural colors. However, they can also be combined with bolder colors, like jewel tones, without overpowering or clashing with the jewel tones.

Luxe Headboards
Take your bedroom to the next level and add a new luxe headboard that will set a romantic and relaxing mood. This small change can instantly affect a room’s overall design. Whether you go with a plush velvety headboard to add a touch of sophistication or a grand statement piece, you have plenty of options to choose from nowadays!

Multifunctional Furniture
Furniture with multiple functions will help simplify your home’s interior and make everything less chaotic. If you’re looking to replace a piece in your home keep multifunctional furniture in mind to replace it instead!

Geometric Patterns
Geometric patterns were in last year in 2018, but in 2019 geometric patterns take on a new form in loose, over scaled, and asymmetrical shapes. Forget about the tight repeated tribal patterns and go for something more loose and bolder.

Natural Materials
The trend of using natural materials in home design will be continuing into 2019. There is something extremely fascinating with the visual texture that natural materials bring to our interiors. From wood and metal to natural stones, experiment with adding natural materials to your home design.

Art Deco
Art Deco is going to become more prominent in home design in the years to come. From textile design to furniture silhouettes and colors, you’ll find art deco inspiration in upcoming home design for sure!

Patterns & Textiles
Patterns and textiles were beginning to make a mark in 2018, but in 2019 they will be embraced fully into interior design. From patterned wallpaper to different textiles and materials being used, don’t miss out on this fun and bold trend! It’ll be easy to incorporate if you’re looking for a change in 2019!

From home accents to wallpaper, agate is more popular than ever. Agate not only adds color, but it adds texture as well and always looks rich and sophisticated. It fits right in with other trends like adding natural materials too!

Statement Light Fixtures
There is nothing more on trend in 2019 then to incorporate a spectacular statement light fixture in your home design! There are so many new and interesting fixtures to choose from nowadays it’s so hard to choose! When browsing, keep your décor in mind and pick accordingly! No matter what you pick, you’ll be on trend as long as it makes a statement.

Brass & Copper Finishes
In 2018 it was all about rose gold. However, forget about rose gold because brass and copper finishes are taking it’s place! That’s right. Rose gold, stainless steel, and polished nickel are out and brass and copper are in. Brass is a great subtle alternative to the expected steel accents while copper is a great accent for accessories.

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