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Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Keeping children and grandchildren occupied during the cold winter months can be difficult. However, beat the winter blues and check out some of the fun science experiments that any kid would love! Not only are these experiments a learning activity, but it will also keep them entertained throughout the winter months.

Homemade Aqua Sand
Make your very own aqua sand that your kids can use over and over again for numerous days of fun. Let your kids make underwater castles with this magical sand and keep them occupied all day. All you need is play sand, fabric protector, wax paper, a clear bowl/vase, and water. Check out the experiment here!

Cloud Jars
Demonstrate how clouds hold water by helping your child make their very own cloud jar. All you need is a jar, water, colored water, shaving cream, and an eyedropper for this fun learning activity. Fill the jar ¾ full of water and then put shaving cream on top. This will act as the cloud. Then, with the eyedropper start dropping in the colored water onto the shaving cream. Once the shaving cream can’t hold any more colored water, it will start “raining,” demonstrating the concept of how clouds hold water in a spectacular way! Learn more here.

DIY Lava Lamp
Gather some vegetable oil, water, food coloring, and alka seltzer tablets and sit the kids down to make their very own lava lamp. This might be a simple experiment, but you’ll be surprised by how engaged your child will be with this project. The best part, they’ll learn a thing or two along the way as well! Check out the experiment here!

Walking Water
This simple science project is incredibly easy and fun to do with the kids! The best part, you probably have everything you need for the project at home already! Gather water, test tubes/clear plastic cups, food coloring, paper towels, a stirrer, scissors, and a timer (optional), and then your science experiment is off to the races! Learn more and get the instructions here!

Make Your Own Invisible Ink
To kids, nothing is cooler than invisible ink, and you can make your own ink right a home! Grab some lemon juice, a small bowl, cotton swabs, white construction paper, and a blow dryer to begin writing your secret messages to one another. Once the experiment is done, explain the interesting science of oxidation for an informative lesson. Check out the experiment here!

Hot Ice
Hot ice only uses two ingredients, but this experiment still has an element of magic to it that kids will love. You’ll need 4 cups of white vinegar, 4 tablespoons of baking soda, a pot, a glass measuring cup, a dish, and a spoon. Once you have everything you need, start your experiment and keep your kids entertained while also teaching them a thing or two about science. Learn more and get the instructions here.

Inverted Balloon in a Bottle
Learn about air pressure with this simple, yet fun inverted balloon in a bottle science experiment. It might seem like a silly, unamusing project at first, but kids will be amazed when they see the balloon start moving by itself and get sucked into a bottle. Learn more and get the instructions here.

Color Changing Squirty Chalk
You can watch magic unfold in front of your eyes when you and your kids make color changing squirty chalk. That’s right, not only will your kids get to create art and explore science, but they’ll also have fun doing it. All you need is squirt bottles, corn starch, baking soda, food coloring or washable watercolors, and vinegar. Check out the experiment here!

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