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What Makes a House a Home?

Photo of Exterior Townhome at The Reserve at Glen Loch at twilight.
The Reserve at Glen Loch – Townhomes

It seems like a simple question, but the answer is a bit complex. What makes a house a home? Our homes embody who we are and how we live and see ourselves. That feeling of being “at-home” can’t be bought; it can only be created by you because it comes from an intimate and personal place. When a house becomes a home, the space feels authentic. It becomes a genuine reflection of the homeowner and the family who lives there. There are a lot of aspects that make a house a home, but most of those aspects come from you and your family. Here are a few things that transform a house into a home.

Comfy Corners
Every home has a comfy corner for everyone. Whether it’s just a relaxing reading chair tucked away in a corner or a private getaway where you can escape to for some alone time, these comfy corners that find their ways into our homes create cozy spaces that that make everyone feel safe and comfortable. That comfort that you feel is a key element to turning a house into a home.

Family Heirlooms
Stories and memories can stretch into items that become family heirlooms. It’s these heirlooms that create a welcoming and personal atmosphere that reminds you of the amazing people in your life. They might not take up much space in your home, but their presence is abundant. From china that has been passed down to a piece of furniture or quilt that’s been in your family for generations, these pieces are a huge part of what makes a house a home.

The Rituals
Every household has its rituals. From family movie nights to annual get-togethers, there are always rituals that you create and keep with your family in your home. The fond memories that are created through these rituals is what everyone looks forward to and create that welcoming, comforting, and overall homey feeling that keeps everyone happy and together.

The People
The most important thing that makes a house a home is the people that live in it. That’s right, you, your family, the furry friends that live with you; they are the main thing that makes a house a home. Even when everyone goes about his or her business around the home, it creates a sort of buzz that makes the house feel alive as well, which give your home it’s own life and personality.

A house wouldn’t be a home without the love, memories, and loved ones surrounding you. You can create the feeling of home anywhere, especially if you’re moving somewhere new. Home is where the heart is, and it is your heart that will ultimately create that sense of home that you will love and cherish forever.

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