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Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Home By Room

Artwork plays an important role in every home design. Don’t skip over these beautiful details and leave your walls bare! Add life and personality to your rooms by picking the right pieces to compliment the room! Here are some helpful tips to think about while choosing the right artwork for your home!

Thought of as the “heart of the home,” the kitchen is a room where most people forget to add artwork. Although most people might think that artwork shouldn’t be incorporated in the kitchen, there is no question that it should be. When adding artwork to the kitchen, it’s best to keep it small so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. The countertops are the perfect place for art, along with the space above your cabinets if you have extra room. It’s also best practice to add artwork that is more social, like a quote that will make you smile!

When deciding on artwork for your bedroom, it should reflect exactly what to you want your bedroom atmosphere to evoke. Most bedrooms are a retreat, a place where you can unwind and relax. Look for artwork with soothing colors or photos. The artwork shouldn’t be too bold and does not necessarily need a frame. It should be all about the piece of art instead of the vessel around it. Also, larger pieces hung at eye level are the best pieces for the bedroom, like this piece! They create a nice focal point for the eye to rest on when you walk into the room.

Home Office
If you’re lucky enough to work from home, you’ll want add artwork to your home office to personalize it. Pick pieces that keep you inspired and focused. Depending on the amount of space you have in your home office, you’ll want to envision the artwork you’ll be adding before hanging it in the room. If you are tight on space, think about adding a floating ledge shelf to create a space for a gallery of artwork. Or if you have a bare wall at your disposal, incorporate works of art that are different sizes, subject matter, and color for endless possibilities. For more character, frame each piece in different frames!

Bathrooms are usually neglected when it comes to decorating with artwork. Don’t skip over this area in your house and add some beautiful artwork to create interest! Determine the vibe of the bathroom you are decorating and find pieces that match the atmosphere you are trying to create. Also, when it comes to bathroom art, it usually looks better in pairs and over the toilet or bathtub!

Living Room
The living room is the most important room in your house to add artwork and it’s also the most fun to decorate. Your guests will spend the most time in this room, so you’ll want to spend some extra time thinking about all the endless ways you can decorate with artwork. From pieces that provoke conversations to a large gallery wall, you can really explore when picking out the artwork for your living room. Make sure to look for pieces that will go with your room design that you absolutely love, and if you need some inspiration there are plenty of places to look, especially Pinterest!

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