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5 Toxic Plants You Could Have In Your Home

Houseplants play a huge role in many households and also play a beneficial role to the environment as well. Not only do they provide visual interest, but some types of plants can purify the air too. However, some of the most commonly grown plants in many households may be toxic! Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean you have to throw out all of your plants.

Just because some plants may be toxic doesn’t mean that you should avoid these plants at all costs. If you have any of these plants just make sure to keep them out of reach of children and pets so that they can’t be touched or ingested. However, if you are concerned about your family members, it’s okay if you do decide to avoid these plants! Just make sure you do research before buying any houseplants to add to your home!

1. Pothos
Also called Devil’s Ivy, this plant is known for its beautiful leaves and air purification abilities. These plants are great starter plants because they are easy to propagate and take care of. Although this plant is beautiful, it is mildly harmful in small quantities and produces some uncomfortable and sometimes serious side effects to pets and humans.

2. Peace Lily
Not a true lily, this popular houseplant is one of the most common indoor plants because they thrive in shaded areas. There are many varieties of this ornamental houseplant, which are all excellent air purifiers. However, if they are accidentally ingested by a human or pet they could cause painful symptoms. If you have this plant anywhere in your house, make sure to keep it out of reach of kids and pets!

3. Caladium
These attractive plants grow well in low light conditions, making it very popular among households. Caladium is commonly known as elephant’s ears and produce a variety colors. However, all parts of this plant are considered toxic and can cause painful symptoms, so keep it out of reach to prevent any accidents.

4. Oleander
This plant might not look harmful, but if ingested it can cause many symptoms. One of the more deadly plants, it might be best to keep Oleander out of the house.

5. Ivy
Ivy is a charming plant that is usually used around the holidays, especially for holiday décor. It is another air purifier and is always a beautiful addition to any household. However, if ingested, Ivy can cause many uncomfortable symptoms for both humans and pets.

For a more in depth list of potentially dangerous houseplants and their side effects, along with plant safety tips, click here.

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