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Get School Ready with These Tips and Tricks

It’s almost that time of year again! School is just around the corner, which means back to school shopping, finishing assigned reading/homework, and preparing for busy school schedules! Make the transition much easier on both you and your kids with these easy tips and tricks, so you won’t be scrambling around last minute before the school year begins!

Get On a Schedule
Summer is great, but we all tend to get off schedule because of it. Don’t wait until last minute to get back into a normal school schedule. Start laying out clothes the night before and get to bed by a certain time. Also don’t forget to start getting up at a certain time too. It might be tough to get back in a school schedule, but it’s easier to do it earlier rather than later!

Organize, Organize, Organize
When it comes to being school ready, you’ll want to organize before hand so you can start with a clean slate. Not only will it be much easier on you, but it’ll also be easier to keep it organized throughout the year. Papers, coats, shoes, and backpacks pile up quickly during the school year, so get organized ahead of time and have a designated area for everything!

Take an Inventory
Before you buy anything new for school, make an inventory of what you already have. Do you have any left over supplies? Are your children’s school clothes looking worn? Make a list of everything you have so when you go back to school shopping you know what you’ll need.

Buy a Calendar
If you don’t already have a calendar, it best to get one before the school year begins. A calendar will help you stay on top of everyone’s weekly and monthly activities and will make your life much easier. Place the calendar somewhere in the house where everyone can see it. When a new activity pops up, make sure to add it to the calendar immediately so you know what’s up for the whole week! Also, don’t feel like you have to stick with a traditional calendar to stay organized. Buy a dry erase or chalk calendar that you can use for years to come!

Schedule Important Dates
Having a monthly calendar somewhere in your home where everyone has access is great! However, it’s also helpful to have a separate 12-month calendar where you can keep track of different activities or events happening later in the year. This calendar also doesn’t have to focus on school-only events either. Make sure to schedule other important future dates into the 12-month calendar so you don’t forget about everything that’s going on outside of school life as well!

Tidy Up the Homework Zone
As kids grow older they get more and more homework. Having a tidy homework zone where they can sit and focus on the schoolwork is essential to their learning. Wherever your child’s homework zone is have them tidy it up before the school year begins so they have a clean space to help them focus on their homework!

Look Over Any Summer Homework
If your kids had any homework or assigned reading over the summer, ask them if they would like you to look it over. Not only will this help you figure out if the assignment is finished on time, but it also gives your kids a chance to ask for help or advice as well. It’s a win-win situation!

The week before kids go back to school are always a little hectic and unavoidable. But with these helpful tips, you’ll be on track to stay organized all year round!

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