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Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is in full swing so it’s time to start cleaning up the yard and getting ready to entertain outdoors! Get your backyard prepped and perfect before you invite your friends, family, and neighbors over for a wonderful outdoor gathering. Here are some helpful tips to get your backyard ready!

Prep the Yard
For great outdoor entertaining, you’ll want your backyard to be clean and in order. Mow the grass, rake any debris away, and make sure any outdoor tools or toys are put away. Having your yard in order will make outdoor entertaining a breeze!

Clean Up the Inside as Well
Although you are mainly entertaining your guests outdoors, you’ll also want to clean up the inside of your home as well. There will be some light traffic within your house, mainly the entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms. You won’t want to overlook these spaces when you entertain.

Set Up Seating
You’ll want to have plenty of seating for your guests to use! Put out extra chairs, or you could even put out blankets on the grass if you are short on chairs. Also, if you know you won’t have enough seating, you could always ask your guest to bring any chairs that they have! Never be afraid to ask for help!

Set Up Lighting and Other Essentials
If you intend your outdoor party to go into the night you should set up lighting before hand. Not only will the lighting set a fun and special atmosphere, but it will also light up the yard when it gets darker. Also, don’t forget to set up other essentials as well! Set out tables with tablecloths, add umbrellas or a canopy for shade. Don’t forget to set out coolers with a vast array of drinks!

Pick Music Beforehand
Music is always great for background noise. If you plan on playing music during your outdoor gathering, make sure you pick the right music beforehand. Choose tunes that are entertaining, pleasant, and something everyone loves, nothing that will overwhelm your guests.

Choose Food Everyone Will Love
When you’re planning on what dishes to make for your outdoor party, make sure to think of your guests when you decide on your menu. When you extend the invitation, ask if anyone has any food allergies or dietary preferences. Or you could ask what everyone enjoys and make that. You could even try a potluck party, where every guest brings a dish, which will definitely lighten you load!

Prepare the Food in Advance
If you do decide to make the food yourself, try to prepare as much food in advance as possible. When it comes to the day of the party, you’ll be glad you got a head start so you can enjoy the party yourself.

Ask Friends For Help
You should never be afraid to ask for help! Whether you need help with pre-party preparation, food preparation, or if you are in need of chairs/supplies, always ask your guests for help.

Prep the Grilling Station
If you intend to grill for your outdoor party, make sure to prepare your grilling station ahead of time. Clean the grill and check if you have enough charcoal or gas to fire it up! Have all grilling utensils close by, along with a meat thermometer, so you don’t have to guess on grilling time!

Keep Pests Away
Don’t let summer pests ruin your outdoor gathering. Make sure to have plenty of bug spray and citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away. The best citronellas are ones with a light scent, so try and find a candle with a light scent!

Set Up Yard Games
You’ll want to plan on having a couple of yard games to play throughout your gathering. Set up popular yard games that everyone will enjoy including, croquet, badminton, horseshoes, and bocce, so you and your guests can enjoy a couple of games throughout the day.

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