Great Housewarming Gifts

It’s always nice to welcome new neighbors to the community when they move into their new home! Make sure they feel welcomed with these great housewarming gift ideas that any new homeowner would love!

Gift Basket with a Theme
Getting a small gift basket as a housewarming gift is always a fantastic idea! Think of a theme you know every homeowner would love and fill the basket with small items. For example, you could buy a bunch of coffee products and fill a basket with mugs, cookies, even a bag of beans! Get creative and have fun with this gift! Your new neighbor is bound to love it!

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
Different from a candle, an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a great gift that offers another way to spread wonderful fragrances around a new house! The best part about this gift is that you can switch out the scents and control how fragrant the diffuser is!

A Decorative Doormat
Nothing says, “welcome to the neighborhood” more than an amazing decorative doormat as a housewarming gift. There are so many stylish and fun doormat designs to choose from that your new neighbor is bound to love whatever you pick out!

A Good Luck Plant and Planter
A classic housewarming gift is the typical houseplant. However, take this gift to the next level by getting a potted houseplant from ProFlowers. The best part about this gift is that it will last for a very long time, if taken care of!

A Cheese Board
These monogramed marbled cheese boards from Anthropologie are the perfect housewarming gift to give any new homeowner! These chic boards are sure to impress anytime your new neighbor will host a party of gathering.

Tea Sampler
A tea sampler is a delightful housewarming gift that will offer your new neighbor a variety of gourmet teas to try out. The assortment of teas are taken from Tea Forte’s most popular blends and comes in an amazing box presentation that any one, tea lover or not, would love!

A Cookbook Perfect For Any Kitchen
Everyone loves to try new recipes! So why not get a housewarming gift that will keep on giving? Buy a cookbook that will offer your new neighbor an array of different recipe options. Check out this New York Times bestselling cookbook!

Candle Set
A candle or candle set is always a welcomed housewarming gift for many homeowners! Nothing spreads more joy in a house than a wonderfully smelling candle.

Fire Extinguisher
If you want to give a creative housewarming gift you could always give you new neighbor a fire extinguisher. Many individuals forget to add this safety item in their home so you could do it for them. However, the plus side to this gift is that you could give them a fire extinguisher they’ll want to show off! Check out these stylish fire extinguishers any quirky homeowner would put on display!

Personalized Coasters
Your new neighbor definitely won’t want to get their furniture damaged with water rings from cups on the table! To prevent this from happening, gift them personalized coasters for their coffee tables. You can easily go on a site like Shutterfly and find cute patterned coasters or you could even design them yourself!

A Tree They Can Grow
This gift idea is the cutest of them all! You could easily gift your new neighbors with a tree they can grow and watch grow over the years to come! This Tree-to-be-kit comes with simple instructions on how to take care of the seedling so that your neighbor can eventually plant it in their front yard.

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