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9 Outdoor Activities for the Family!

With summer in full swing, you and your family should take advantage of the beautiful weather! Enjoy the outdoors with family fun activities that everyone will love. From fruit picking, to biking, to cheering on your favorite local sports team, there is something for everyone to enjoy the lovely summer weather!

Biking is always a great bonding activity for the whole family. If you have younger kids, you might want to start slow until the training wheels come off, but once they’ve got it down, take everyone to local routes. You could even collaborate with another family and enjoy the outdoor activities together!

Just like biking, hiking is also another great bonding activity that the whole family will enjoy. Again, if you have younger kids you might want to start out on an easy trail/hike. Also, don’t forget to invite other families to spread the fun or bring a picnic lunch/snacks to enjoy on the trail!

Mini Golf
Mini Golf has been a family favorite for years! Nothing is better than a little friendly competition between the family. The fun and wacky golf courses are always fun to navigate. You could even invite another family to come along and create a little competition.

Local Sports Events
You don’t need season tickets to enjoy a local sporting event! Get tickets to your family’s favorite home team and enjoy the game. Root, root, root for the home team all game long, whether it be a Phillies game, minor-league baseball game, or a local town sporting event! Or you can set up your own day, full of fun sporting events and get everyone in the neighborhood to join in the competition. No matter what you do, your and you family will enjoy the outdoor elements and tons of fun!

Frisbee Golf
Grab a Frisbee and find the closest Frisbee golf course and have a blast all day long! Frisbee golf takes throwing the Frisbee to the next level. However, if you don’t have a course nearby you can create your own! To create a course on your own, set up goals or targets to aim for. The best thing about this option is you can get really creative with your goals and up the difficulty when you’ve mastered the basics!

Fly a Kite
You’ll need a windy day for this activity, but flying a kite is a great outdoor activity for families. Not only is it beautiful to watch a kite fly, but it is also a great learning activity. You can bring along a blanket and lunch and have a nice little family picnic while you fly your kite!

There are plenty of places you and your family can volunteer around your neighborhood. Do some research and see if there are any outdoor volunteer opportunities that both kids and adults will enjoy. From outdoor gardening to a creek cleanup, there’s plenty of ways to contribute to your community as a family.

Plan a Treasure Hunt
If you want a really fun and creative outdoor activity, you could always plan a treasure hunt for your younger kids. Get a small gift or treasure to place in the treasure chest and hide it. The gift could be anything! A movie, a toy your kids have been eyeing up recently, or you could even make the gift a fun trip to their favorite ice cream shop or bakery! Once you have the treasure hidden, make a treasure map with hints so that your kids know how to find the buried treasure. When everything is done, hide the map where your kids will find it and let the fun unravel!

Go Fruit Picking
Find the closest farm where you can go fruit picking and pick your favorite in-season fruit to your hearts content. Enjoy the amazing summer weather while harvesting fruit with your family, and depending on what fruit you pick, you can easily make a dish or dessert out of your harvest!

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