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6 Lawn Care Tips for Greener Grass

It’s almost that time of the year again where lawn care becomes a weekly task unless you live in one of Judd Builders wonderful communities that have a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)! If you do live in a community with a HOA, you won’t have to worry too much about lawn care. However, you could still make your lawn the talk of the town by keeping it green and plush all season long with a little work and these six lawn care tips!

1. Sharpen your Mowers Blades
Before you begin mowing your lawn, you’ll want to check the blades of your mower. Make sure the blade are sharp and not dull. If your blades are dull, you’ll want to get them sharpened or else they’ll tear off grass rather than cut it clean. Also, you want to keep inspecting your mower throughout the season to keep it in tiptop shape for the best cut and performance!

2. Don’t feed the Grass When it Turns Brown
Some people tend to worry when they see their grass turn brown. When this happens the best thing to do is to not do anything. Don’t feed the grass with fertilizer or weed control. These products might actually do more harm than good. Brown grass doesn’t mean the grass is dead, it just means the grass has gone dormant. Instead, begin to water it to bring it out of its dormant state.

3. Rake Up Downed Leaves From the Fall
If there are any downed leaves left over from the fall make sure to rake them up as soon as you can. These dead soggy leaves will suffocate any new sprouts from sprouting in the spring, leaving you with dead spots all over your lawn.

4. Mow Smarter
Believe it or not, you’ll want to let your grass grow out to about 3-3.5 inches for the plushiest, greenest grass. Taller grass blades offer more shade, which kills weeds naturally, while also shading the soil, which reduces evaporation and keeps the soil moist. Maintain the height of about 3-3.5 inches all season until the fall, which you can begin cutting it short again! Also, inspect the grass after you cut it to see if it’s time to tune up your lawn mower.

5. Kill Crab Grass Before it Spreads
The only thing to do to prevent crab grass from growing is to apply crabgrass preventer. Apply the preventer around the second or third time you’ve mowed the lawn to stop crabgrass or any other seed from sprouting. Crabgrass generally starts sprouting a few weeks after the grass greens, which is also another indicator for when you should apply the preventer.

6. Fertilize
You should always fertilize your lawn for the springtime in order to achieve green grass. The best kind of fertilizer to use is a slow-release, organic fertilizer, but some fertilizers don’t work for all lawns. If you really want green grass, figure out what type of soil and grass you have and do a soil test to see what should be added to your fertilizer. Once you’ve figured out what you need, start spreading the fertilizer on the outer edges and then cover the middle. Don’t be afraid to overlap a few inches on each pass!

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