Home Maintenance

Why a Smaller Space May Be Better


The kids are all moved out, the grandkids visit every once in a while and you have too much space to care for. Do you really need all that space still? Here are the benefits of downsizing your home and finding a place that is smaller and hassle-free.

Preservation of Time and Resources

The average U.S. house size has increased from 1800 square feet in the 1980s to nearly 2500 sq. ft. in the 2000s, according to The Huffington Post. More square footage translates to more spending on resources, a bigger carbon footprint, and a bigger impact on the environment. In addition to that, you waste more time doing chores such as cleaning rooms you don’t even use. Your time could be better spent elsewhere during your retirement, from traveling to relaxing to taking up a new hobby.

Better Mental Health

Living in a small space may improve your mental health, says The Alternative Daily. That’s because you are less stressed worrying about the details of maintaining a larger home, improving your ability to relax, de-stress, and connect with your spouse or whomever you’re living with as you get older.

Save Money on Frivolous Stuff

The more space you have in your home, the more you’re likely to fill it up with useless stuff. From TVs and appliances to furniture and collectibles, you’re wasting money on filling space rather than using your home as a functional entity. When you downsize to a smaller home, you’re making an effort to prioritize your life and cut back on what’s unimportant in the grand scheme of things, says Freshome.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. After all, the whole reason for buying a new home at this stage of your life is to live well. From state of the art appliances to comfortable furniture and beautiful amenities, it’s still possible to live smaller yet have the things you need to make life easy.

Save on Energy

With a large home, you may have noticed your energy bills were through the roof. And with so many people living in the home, you were using up a lot of energy for heating and cooling, electronics, appliances, and water. With the kids out of the house, there’s no need to have those large rooms and big bills. Downsize into a smaller home and watch your energy bills plummet too. The use of energy efficient appliances, green construction, and more natural light can all help you save on energy and thus save the environment.

Here at Judd Builders, we offer smaller homes for those who are looking to downsize yet maintain their sense of comfort and luxurious living. Check out our smaller communities like Meadow View and Renaissance – contact us today to learn more.