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Mother’s Day Activities

Make Her Something

Smiling little girl holding pink tulip and handmade Mother's Day greeting card

While it might seem cliche to make your Mom a card on Mother’s Day, she’s sure to appreciate anything you give her, especially if you made it with your own two hands. A card from a store can be just as wonderful, but a small personal touch can make a big impression. Make the effort this year and I’m sure you and your Mom will have a lovely Mother’s Day.

Create a Getaway

Cropped shot of a senior woman painting in the parkhttp://

Creating a place for your mom to be alone can be essential to a great Mother’s Day for her. She loves you, and the whole family, but sometimes what Mom’s need most is a little alone time away from everything. Creating a space in the house, or making the backyard into her own personal sanctuary could be just the thing she needs on a day designed just for her.

Outing of Her Choice

A family is going on a bike ride through the woods while on summer vacation.

If it’s usually the kids who decide where the family outing will be, let Mom choose for once! A tip for the kids out there, when Mom chooses the activity for the day, NO COMPLAINING! Wherever it might be, a museum you find boring, a fair you don’t like, or anything else, keep the complaints to yourself and your Mom will appreciate it and enjoy a wonderful day.

Cook a Meal

Father cooking with his son

A classic Mother’s Day activity is to make your Mom breakfast in bed, and that might work! If you choose to do this one, make sure to let her sleep in later than usual before waking her up with breakfast. But don’t stop there, if your Mom is the one who does all the cooking in the household, don’t let her¬†slave over the stove to make dinner, give her somewhere to relax and let everything be done for her. For once.