Mother’s Day Ideas

Making a gift box by the child. Children's art project. DIY concept. Step-by-step photo instruction. Step 7. Child ties up a bow on the box


Some homemade artwork is a surefire way for your mom to love whatever you give her this Mother’s Day. This can be a drawing of her, or of the whole family together, anything you want! While homemade gifts are very popular among younger children, don’t be afraid to get crafty even if you’re older! A great idea for all sizes of families is to get everyone to contribute something artistic to one project. Having something beautiful that all of her favorite people worked on, is sure to bring a smile to her face anytime she sees it.

Teenage girl is visiting her grandmohter at home

Personal Touch

Whatever you decide to give your Mom this Mother’s Day, make sure it has a personal feel to it. Whether you buy her a present, make her something, or take her somewhere, be sure to add a personal touch that really shows how much she means to you. This can be, a heartfelt card, telling her something you want to thank her for, or just a long hug. Whatever it is, make sure your present isn’t the only gift this weekend. While chocolate and cards go a long way, feeling appreciated goes even further.



Reminiscing about fond memories is a Mother’s Day past-time, so this year, don’t let Mom be the one to bring up the good memories. Writing down some fond memories and collecting them in a creative way is a great gift that only requires a pen and some colorful paper. Having everyone in the family write down a few of their favorite memories with Mom is a great way to start some fun conversation, and remind your Mom why she’s so special. These memories can go in a homemade scrapbook, scattered through the house for your Mom to find, and even as a “memory link” as pictured above.

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Give Her a Break!

A lot of times, the best thing for a busy Mom on Mother’s Day is some time off from mothering. So this Sunday, make sure to give her some time to rest. One of the best ways to do this is to take care of her usual daily tasks before she has a chance to start them. Make sure there are no dishes for her to do throughout the day, make sure someone besides her is cooking and cleaning up after everyone, and make sure someone else is dealing with the kid’s drama!