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Making a Move to a New Single-Family Home: Tips for Getting Packed and Staying Organized


If a move to a new home is in your near future, the key to a smooth transition is to be prepared. Not only do you need to organize and pack your existing house, you have to worry about making sure your new luxury single-family Brookshire house is ready for your arrival.

First step? Start packing days or weeks ahead of your departure date, advises USA Today. Not only does this give you an inventory of what you have, you will have a better idea of what you will need to buy, such as boxes, bins, packing tape and bubble wrap. Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing and organizing:

Pick up a bunch of boxes: Head to the grocery store, ask friends or purchase them at a supply store. However you choose to obtain them, get a lot of them. As you assess each room for packing, consider what can be put into a box: clothing, shoes, trinkets, towels. If it can be put inside a box, do it. That’s because cardboard boxes are versatile, with the ability to open and close them easily, seal, label and transport.

Label neatly: Don’t rush this part. Your writing should be clear, legible and specific. Using a permanent marker, list the general contents of the box and where it should go once at the new place. For example, “boys pajamas, second bedroom down hall on right,” or “office supplies, first door on left.” Being specific means your movers don’t have to waste time asking you where everything goes. Color coding your boxes also works well.

Protect your stuff: To protect breakables like collectibles, electronics, computers, TVs, glass, and lamps/shades, securely place them in their appropriate boxes, add bubble wrap and packing peanuts, and seal everything up with packing tape.

Pack smart: Utilize all space you have to make the move as compact as possible. Use laundry bins for clothing, shoe boxes for your shoes, jewelry, or other small items, and pack each box wisely. Use the maximum space available; don’t just throw a few things in and seal it up. Use blankets, clothing and towels as buffers for breakables. Keep like items together for easy unpacking, such as all toiletries together. Once you get to your destination at Whispering Pines, you can unpack all like items in one spot for minimal back-and-forth.

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