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You Bought a Home: Now What?

Happy man lifting woman in new house

Buying a new home can be exhilarating as well as terrifying. You’re embarking on a new journey in life, with many uncertainties yet a future filled with hope. You’ve signed on the dotted line; the home is yours. What are the next steps?

Save All Paperwork

First off, save all the papers you signed and keep them in a safe place. The papers you received at settlement are valuable in establishing tax deductions for the year in which the home was purchased, but you will also need them in the future if you go to sell the house or need to calculate estate taxes, says Realtor.com.

Two weeks after the closing, get in touch with your local property records office and make sure your deed has been officially recorded. This will act as a public notice illustrating your interest in the property.

Document Everything

Next, think about protecting your home before you even move fully in. Go through the entire property with a video camera and record it all. Take photos as well. You’ll need this evidence for insurance purposes in case of theft, damage or other discrepancies. Keep the video and photo evidence in a safe place such as a safety deposit box.

Call the Insurance Company

You’ll need homeowner’s insurance that includes fire, theft and liability insurance. Call your insurance agent and sign up for or increase your coverage so you have adequate policies for any eventuality.

Customize Your Mailbox and Buzzer

Put your name on the mailbox as well as new numbers for your address that are easy to see by emergency and post office personnel. If you bought a condo, make sure your name is on the buzzer.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

This is the best time to introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors. They will understandably be curious about who’s moving in, but this is a benefit to you. Start a positive relationship off on the right foot, and they will have your back. This is also a great time to network, meeting anyone from the president of the condo association to the head of the neighborhood watch. Give them your contact information in case they ever notice something suspicious with your property when you’re not around. Offer to do the same for them.

Moving into a new home is exciting. Judd Builders is here to guide you through the process.