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New Interior Design Trends of 2016

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Everyone’s curious as to what’s in store for interior design this year. Which trends will stay and what new ones will surface? Here’s an idea of what the interior design trends are looking like in the new year:

  1. The 2016 color palette consists of various shades of pink, red and peach. These colors can be used in different types of rooms and can be combined with a lot of other colors. Along with these colors becoming more popular, accessories are leaning more towards deeper colors of navy, green oil and dark blue. Other deep colors such as black and purple have been combined with shiny copper and brass surfaces, which gives a calming and elegant look.
  2. A big trend for this year in materials includes brass, copper, wood and marble. Many are interested in what they can do with the materials nature has to offer to decorate their homes with. Cork and marble are coming back into design trends as well as stone and raw concrete.
  3. Functional decorative objects are also on the rise. This refers to getting rid of all the knick-knacks that cover your surfaces and replacing them with items you think fit with your current life that you will use.
  4. More focus is on the bathroom to make it into a relaxation space. It is seen as a more functional setting and it will be common to put benches and plants in there to be able to enjoy it more.
  5. Vegetation is not only an upcoming trend in bathrooms, but in all aspects of the home. Environmentally-friendly homes are appealing because they are good for the environment, but also because they add a beautiful, calming feel to homes by bringing nature closer to the residents.

All of these 2016 interior design trends seem to focus on simplicity and functionality as well as give a more sophisticated look to current and future homes for residents to enjoy.