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Making Small Rooms Look Bigger With Painting

overhead view of couple having fun renovating their new home together with blue paint on a roller

There are ways to make small rooms look bigger, without the hassle of reconstruction. Knowing the facts about painting can help you choose colors for certain rooms as well as accents to help make your small room open up!

  1. The first painting rule to make a room look bigger is choosing sharp colors. Using very clear, crisp colors will expand the look of a room. Brighter color combinations will bring out the space more instead of hiding it in duller colors.
  2. Unexpected accents are another way to bring out the space in a room. Use pops of color inside a bookshelf or windowsill to create more depth. If there’s a hallway, painting it a darker color will allow people to ease into the brighter and more colorful room, which makes it look bigger by contrast.
  3. A focal wall is not ideal in most people’s eyes, but painting a wall a different color than the rest can make a room look deeper.
  4. Different shades of the same color in various rooms can bring the rooms together and ultimately make them look bigger. The same goes for any repeated patterns.
  5. Painting the ceiling of a room a different color than the walls will also make it look bigger. If the ceiling is painted the same color in a smaller room, it feels more closed in and people feel more trapped. If the ceiling is lighter and a lot of times people use white, then the room will feel airier.

These painting techniques are all very useful in making a single room or even multiple rooms more spacious than they appear to be at first. These are great tricks for those who want a quick fix and don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on making spaces feel bigger.