Fun Children Activities in Warminster

Family in bowling alley cheering and smiling

Bucks County is a beautiful area to live in with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Not only does it have a homey feel, but there’s plenty to do for people of all ages, even a handful of choices for children and families to be apart of. Below are some locations in Warminster to be able to enjoy:

  1. Spend a day at the Warminster Community Park walking the trails, playing sports or sitting by the pond. With 243 acres of land there is tons of room to do all sorts of activities! There’s also nature trails at Barness Park or tennis and volleyball areas at Log College Park. Kemper Park has a playground, perfect for younger children, and for those who like skateboarding, Munro Park has a skate spot with rails and ramps for the older and more active kids in the area.
  2. Thunderbird Bowling Center in Warminster  provides indoor entertainment for the days where the weather isn’t so nice to spend the day outside. It allows scheduled events for planned family nights or spontaneous nights when you want something to do. Happy Tymes Family Fun Center has exciting activities such as go carts and miniature golf along with interesting indoor choices such as batting cages, bowling, rock climbing and rides!
  3. Bucks County is home of some gorgeous scenery destinations where people can visit to enjoy the view, or participate in activities held there. Spend the day tubing or rafting down the Delaware River or even canoeing and kayaking for a more relaxing river ride. The Washington Crossing Historic Park is also located along the Delaware River where George Washington crossed the river in 1776 as a surprise attack on the Hessian troops. You can participate in a guided tour or watch the reenactment of Washington’s Crossing that takes place every year on Christmas Day.

Bucks County is the location of one of Judd Builder’s delightful communities, Poet’s Walk. All of these family friendly activities are near the Poets Walk community for the residents and visitors to enjoy whenever they please! Visiting the destinations listed above is a great way to spend time with your children and family as well as entertain them with different activities.