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Kitchen Back Splash Ideas

kitchen backsplash ideas

Picking the right back splash in the kitchen can be the finishing touch in making the room feel like apart of your new home. Different back splash’s correlating with counter tops in the kitchen will pull together the look you want to enjoy. Here are ideas for a kitchen back splash to choose from and build on to decorate your new home:

  1. For a seamless look for your back splash and counter tops, use the same materialfor both. It will give it a perfect blend as well as a clean feel. Adding ledges and alcoves are a great way to use your extra material for more storage space.
  2. Ceramic tile can be paired with various types of finishes, colors and patterns that you would enjoy.
  3. If you don’t want to do too much with your back splash, a classic and more plainrectangular tile is a good choice for a neutral background to use accents in the rest of your kitchen.
  4. Glass tile has a more luminous and glossy look than ceramic tile. It truly looks clean and refreshing as a back splash.
  5. Mosaic tiles are a much smaller, square tile, about 2 inches and are meant to look like ancient mosaics and are often backed with mesh.
  6. Metal tiles are a more modern choice and using different shapes can make the back splash pop.
  7. Wood back splash’s make a kitchen feel warm and cozy. It must be sealed properly to prevent water damage.
  8. People commonly use decorative accents over their sink or cook top with colors to match the rest of the room. This adds more detail and character to your kitchen by personalizing it with any accent of your choice.