Easy Living Room Upgrades

Elegant Living Room

Ready for a change, but not ready for total style overhaul? Try one of these easy living room updates, including fun DIYs and some ideas that cost nothing at all.  

Redesign the Coffee Table

Refresh your living space by redesigning the room’s centerpiece, the coffee table. Not sure where to begin? Favorite books, fresh flowers, and treasured travel mementos all make great coffee table additions. 

Swap Out The Lampshades

By changing a lampshade you change the mood of a room. Try going from white to black, pleated to flat, or plain to patterned. There are a lot more options available, so finding something you like shouldn’t be difficult. Try stores like Target, Pottery Barn or even a vintage or antique store for something unique. 

Change Up Your Artwork

For a quick fix, keep your gallery wall arrangement or picture frames but change out the images for new artwork of the same size. This will make it easy to get an updated look in your living room with little effort. If you don’t currently have anything try framing old wallpaper or fabric samples or frame pages from old books. Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive, so try making your own.

Add a Touch of Nature

Adding even a small touch of the outdoors is sure to make your living room feel more alive. Potted plants are ideal because they clean the air while looking beautiful! 

Add Excitement to Your Walls with Stencils 

Large-scale graphic wallpaper is a great way to kick up the style in your living room, but they can come with a high price tag. Save money by skipping the paper altogether and applying the pattern directly to the wall with stencils and house paint you already have on hand. Check your local craft store or sites like for a pattern that suits your style, then apply it to the wall with a stiff-bristled brush. 

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