Tips for Settling into Your New Home

Family moving into a new home

When you build with Judd Builders, we want to help you make your new house a home. After the paperwork is finalized and you’ve finally moved in, try these tips to get settled!

Start With The Closet

Most people start setting up the common areas first, but having an organized closet will make starting your day in a new space that much easier. You want to be able to find your clothes and not be getting dressed out of boxes while you tend to the rest of the house!

Prioritize the Kids’ Rooms

When your kids are surrounded by their favorite things, they will feel more comfortable moving into a new space. Even if the rest of the house is in disarray for a bit while you’re getting set up, they will have their own space they can go to and feel at ease.

Recreate Familiar Sounds and Sights.

If there were particular artworks, paint colors or décor items that you loved at your old home, arrange them in a similar way to bring back that familiar feeling.

Get Comfy

Setting up your bed with your favorite bedding and pillows will help you feel right at home.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

After setting up your home, invite some neighbors over for a tour or a small get together! Getting to know the neighborhood will make your move feel easier and more exciting.

Need some inspiration while setting up your new home? Head to our photo gallery to get inspired by photos of our finished homes!