Tips for Downsizing Effectively

Moving boxes and potted plants

  1. Purge

Look for the most obvious things to get rid of and sort them into “trash” and “donations”. You can fill black trash bags with trash, and white trash bags with donations. Go through each room, one-by-one and sort items you want to get rid of. If someone else could get use out of the item put it into the donations. If no one else would want the item, put it into the trash! Examples of things that are easy to toss in this round are: clothes you haven’t worn in years, receipts for items you know you can’t return anymore, and broken objects you probably will never get around to fixing.

  1. Group Duplicates

After you get rid of the stuff you know you don’t want, it’s time to start figuring out what you still have. Start putting similar things together. You’ll probably surprise yourself with the amount of duplicate items you own.

  1. Follow the One-Year Rule

It can be tempting to hang onto items you once loved but no longer use, or things you think you might use someday. But the truth is, if you haven’t used a particular item in the last year, you probably wont use it in the next year. And if you’re unlikely to use something in the next year, then you’re unlikely to use it at all. Be realistic and ask yourself what you use and what you need, both now and in the future.

  1. Re-home Special Items

What you may discover is that you come across things from your past that are in a “no man’s land” in terms of best fit. They’re nice, they hold value and memories, and you don’t really want to give them away – but at the same time, you have no use for them and they are just taking up space.

  1. Think Quality and Multipurpose

Go for quality over quantity. Choose a great piece of furniture that makes a statement, instead of trying to squeeze too many pieces into a single room. If you’re investing in new furniture when you downsize, choose multipurpose furniture pieces. Go for nightstands with open and closed storage and ottomans with tops that lift to offer space inside for blankets or extra pillows.

  1. Digitize Whatever You Can

CDs, DVDs, cassettes, home videos, pictures, and important documents can all be digitized and saved to the cloud or a computer hard drive to free up important space. You can also scan and save certain financial and personal records. This will allow you to get rid of boxes of paper, discs, and videos with this simple step of going paperless. Most documents can simply be scanned to a computer and saved as a PDF file, or uploaded to the cloud using services like DropBox or Google Drive.

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