Decorating Tips

Creative Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

white wall with photos of the family in various photo frames

DIY Chalkboard Frame

Pick up some cheap frames from your local thrift store or craft store and paint them with chalkboard paint for a fun project. You can add captions to your family photos, draw word bubbles and write messages!

Colorful, Salon-Style Display

Hang lots of photos on one wall with varying color schemes to add visual interest. Mixing black and white photos with colorful frames adds vibrancy to underused areas of the home like hallways or stairways.

Photo Mural

Make your memories stand out with a wall-size display. Blow up your favorite photo and use it as wallpaper in your finished basement or media room. You could get creative and create custom wall paper for your kids’ rooms! 

Make Mini Photo Magnets

When we have company over, they tend to hang out in the kitchen. Photo Magnets are a fun, affordable way to show off some favorite photos without setting out a bunch of frames that get in the way while you’re cooking. Stick them to a fridge, a knife rack, a metallic bulletin board, you name it. You can get creative with the designs – photos of your pets, family, kids’ artwork, your favorite foods, etc.!

A Picture Ledge

A picture ledge provides a stylish resting spot for framed photos. Mix in some family heirlooms, art objects, sculptures, and you have a high-end look that’s as interesting as it is sophisticated.

Washi Tape Frames

Washi Tape Frames are a perfect DIY project for a kid’s room! This is a fun, creative way to display photos that won’t damage the walls, and can be easily removed. Washi Tape comes in many colors and patterns. You can use it to tape your prints to the wall as well as place it around your photos to create your own frame. Totally custom and unique to you!

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