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Tips for Decorating with Flowers

Bouquet of tulips on a tray with a dog in the background

Add some life into your interior design this spring by decorating with flowers and houseplants! Bringing greenery into your interior design is a huge trend, but it is also beneficial to your health! From a small flower arrangement to a cute succulent garden, here are six tips for decorating with flowers and plants!

Don’t Buy Flower Arrangements, Make Them
When decorating with flowers in your home, you don’t need to buy an expensive pre-made flower arrangement. Instead, you can hand select a few types of flowers for your own arrangements. This is more cost effective and you get to create a one of a kind piece that you’ve crafted perfectly for you décor. Get creative and have fun when creating your own arrangements and remember to cut flowers at different heights for a dynamic arrangement.

Pick Out Colors From the Room
In order to tie your flower arrangements into a room, you’ll want to pull accent colors used within the room. This will make everything look cohesive and well put together. The best part about flowers is that they are temporary! Therefore, if you aren’t in love with the arrangement you currently have you can switch it up the next time you decide to redecorate.

Experiment with Vases/Planters
When creating an arrangement or adding a new plant to your interior design, try experimenting with different vases and planters! This is an easy way to change things up and really get creative with interior design and decorating with flowers/plants. From milk glasses or mason jars to unique tin cans and planter pots, there is a lot to choose from and the vases/planters you choose can have a huge impact of the overall look of the arrangement.

Don’t Stick to Just Using Flowers
You don’t have to stick with just using flowers when decorating! You can try all different types of houseplants, or you could even start a small little herb garden to bring greenery into your home and serve a dual purpose! You can add fresh herbs to the meals you cook in your gourmet kitchen. Succulents are also a huge trend nowadays and you can utilize them in order to bring some plant life into your interior design!

Shop Around
You can get flowers and plants anywhere, so don’t settle on buying expensive flower arrangements. From farmers markets to local florists and grocery stores, there are plenty of places to get the perfect flowers for your arrangement. Or if you want to get really hands on, you can start your own flower garden and try to grow them on your own!

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