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How to Create a Fun Reading Nook

Reading nooks are becoming a popular addition to home designs for readers and non-readers alike! Whether you dedicate a whole room to create a reading getaway or create a small corner for your needs, here are some things to keep in mind while creating your reading nook!

1. Find a Place to Settle-In
The first thing you have to decide when creating a reading nook is where it’s going to be. Again, you can either dedicate a room to create your reading nook or you could find a cozy corner waiting to be used! Either way, the placement of your reading nook will affect how you end up decorating your reading getaway.

2. Incorporate Soft Materials
Nothing will make your reading nook cozier more than incorporating soft materials! Reading nooks aren’t just for reading, they can be used for relaxation, which is why you want to incorporate soft and comfortable materials. Also, who doesn’t want to be comfy when diving into a new read?

3. Include a Bookshelf
Depending on where you decided to put your reading nook, you should try to incorporate a bookshelf into your space. Having one convenient location to place all of your books is always nice and helpful to keep things organized! Also, nothing says reading nook more than a bunch of books stacked on a lovely bookshelf.

4. Weave in Color
Color plays a huge role in design, which is why you should incorporate it in your reading nook. You don’t have to go overboard with color everywhere, but you should have a pop of color here and there. Color has the power to instantly affect the atmosphere, so choose wisely so that your reading nook evokes the mood that you want it too!

5. Make it Comfortable
It might seem obvious, but every reading nook should be comfortable. It’s not easy to get lost in a book when you are not one hundred percent relaxed. Incorporating soft materials will help with making your reading nook cozy, but you’ll also want to incorporate a bunch of pillows as well. However, the most important thing is the chair and/or furniture that you will be occupying while reading your book. Make sure to pick a piece that you know you will be comfy for years to come!

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