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5 Things People Notice Right Away When Walking Into Your Home

Your home design is the top feature that most guests notice when walking into your home. However, it isn’t the only detail! There are some items in your house that people notice just as much as the design. Here are the five top details that people notice right away when walking into your home!

1. Scent
Your guest’s sense of smell is just as strong as their sense of sight. That’s right, it’s not all about the design of your home. Have a few air fresheners, a diffuser, or candles at hand for everyday use or for when your guests come over! Either way, you can freshen up your whole house!

2. Houseplants/Fresh Flowers
Bring nature into your interior design by adding any sort of fresh flowers or houseplants. This will add life to your home design and guests will definitely take notice. Also, certain plants have health benefits as well, which just adds to the many reasons why you should incorporate them in your home!

3. Clutter
Clutter is hard to ignore, which is why it’s one of the first details any guest will notice when they walk into your home. Keeping clutter under control can be hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Just keep a beautiful bin at the ready and stash any clutter you haven’t sorted through while your guests visit!

4. Outdated Décor
An outdated or old piece of furniture can really stand out to your guests. That doesn’t mean you should buy all new furniture though! Instead try moving pieces around to freshen things up. Or, if you have some time on your hands, try refurbishing the outdated piece with a new coat of paint or fabric.

5. Atmosphere
Atmosphere might not be physically tangible, but it’s important in any home design and something that guests notice when they walk into your home. The best way to create atmosphere is through your interior design and the décor you incorporate in every room. From family photos to tasteful artwork, there is a lot you can use to evoke the atmosphere you want your house to reflect!

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