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12 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues as a Family

Winter is in full swing, which typically means cabin fever is in full effect. Don’t let the cold slow you down! Keep the winter blues at bay with these fun family-friendly activities that will get you through the winter!

1. Family Game Night
Nothing beats the winter blues like family game night! Have everyone pick their favorite games and spend some quality time making memories. Or, if you want to spread the fun, invite you friends and neighbors to enjoy a night full of competitive entertainment!

2. Attend a Community Event
There are bound to be events going on in your community! Look to your local township websites and see if there is anything going on in your neighborhood that you and your family would be interested in!

3. Go Sledding/Tubing
Sledding is a winter staple for any family looking for some winter fun! Plan a day of family fun and go sledding or tubing, at a nearby resort that offers sledding and tubing, like Bear Creek Resort, which is near our community Brookshire for a day full of family fun! Most importantly, remember to bundle up and stay warm!

4. Pick Up a New Hobby
Don’t know what to do with your free time? Why not pick up an entirely new hobby to take up your time? Finding a new hobby during the winter months will not only help you stay productive, but will keep you entertained as well.

5. Cross Something Off Your To-Do List
If you have time on your hands during the winter months why not use some of that time to cross something off that has been on your to do list forever? Stay productive and keep the winter blues at bay by attacking a project that’s been on your list for a long time!

6. Cooking and Baking
Not only will this activity heat up the house, but you also get to enjoy the delicious treats you made after! Gather everyone in the house and spend some quality time finding recipes to try this season! From exciting soups to a new cookie recipe, the options and endlessly flavorful!

7. Throw a Get-Together
Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you still can’t invite guests over! Throw a little get-together where everyone brings their own dish and enjoy each other’s company! There’s no better way to beat the winter blues!

8. Go Ice Skating
Get active during the winter months and go ice-skating! That’s right, get out of the house and make your way to the closest ice rink and spend some quality time with each other.

9. Have an “All-New” Weekend
To get through the cold winter days, try your hand at having an “all-new” weekend. Instead of falling into habits, try something new every weekend and make sure not to repeat! From trying new foods to learning a new skill or even traveling to a new place or city you haven’t visited before, an “all-new” weekend is a great way to keep things exciting when the winter blues hit!

10. Visit a Museum
Head on out to a local museum to learn something new while also beating the winter blues! Museums are great fun for everyone in the family and the best part is you can make a day out of it! Also, if there isn’t a new exhibit to visit, you can always head on over to the closest aquarium, which is just as fun!

11. Movie Night
Nothing is cozier during the winter than a family or couples movie night! Gather all the blankets and preferred treats and pick a couple of movies that everyone will enjoy. Or if there is a film out in theaters that you want to see, make some plans and enjoy a night out!

12. Get Crafty
Crafts are a great and creative way to pass the time during the cold winter months. On top of passing time, there are multiple different crafts to choose from, which means that you won’t run out of projects to do while you wait for the weather to warm up! Also, there is bound to be a craft that everyone will enjoy, making it a perfect family activity.

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