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6 Storage Solutions to Save on Space and Clear the Clutter

Clutter can be an issue in any household, but one of the easiest ways to clear the clutter is to use smart storage solutions that save on space. Extra storage is always a lifesaver and can make your life more organized. Check out these six storage solutions that will save you space while clearing the clutter!

1. Clear Off the Floor
Never leave any clutter scattered on the floor. It will instantly make a space look unorganized. Instead, try finding different home décor that you can use to store clutter while keeping it close to the ground, like these storage solutions!

2. Utilize Small Nooks
There are always those small nooks in your home that go unused. Don’t ignore these spots and use the space to your advantage. You can easily build some small floating shelves or find a perfect piece of furniture that you can store items in/on. From books to loose papers, the options are endless for this storage solution!

3. Open Up Storage
Cabinets and furniture can sometimes be bulky and take up valuable space. Instead of opting for traditional storage solutions, try using floating shelves, which look absolutely stunning and open up more space. Look at these amazing hanging shelves!

4. Think Vertically
Most of us overlook precious square footage that can be used as storage. There are plenty of vertical surfaces that can be put to good use to clear the clutter. From closets to doors, if you utilize the vertical space you’ll be able to maximize the areas where you can store your belongings. Check out some of these storage solutions that utilize vertical spaces!

5. Create Drop Zones
Drop zones are areas where people drop off their purses, keys, shoes, and other accessories, which can easily add up and clutter up the space. Drop zones are extremely useful when it comes to keeping a home organized and a pretty ingenious storage solution too. See how you can create a drop zone in your home!

6. Include Out-in-the-Open Storage
Most people like to equate storage with closed doors and drawers, but sometimes the best way to organize is to use storage that can be seen and become a part of the décor. Don’t out rule out-in-the-open storage ideas! Get some fantastic visible storage inspiration and ideas here!

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