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How to Best Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

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Arranging furniture can be a difficult and daunting task. Knowing how to fill a room properly is overwhelming, especially when it comes to your living room. One of the most important and most used spaces in your home, it is essential to have a furniture arrangement that not only looks good, but works well too. All you need to do to arrange furniture well is to follow a few rules and tips, like the ones below! And you’ll want to make sure you have the ideal home to decorate so check out Judd Builders design studio to plan out your dream home.

Choose a Focal Point
Depending on the interior finishes and design elements you have chosen for your living room, you’ll want to choose a focal point within the room and the design. There might already be a natural focal point within the room that you highlight with your design choices and furniture. However, you could also create one yourself, if you so desire. Whatever you decide, make a decision and stick with it and then arrange your furniture accordingly!

Create Conversation Areas
When arranging your furniture, you should create a space where guests can naturally talk to each other without having to crane their necks or shout across the room. Therefore, you’ll want to arrange your furniture to help create natural conversation among your guests. Your sofas and chairs should face each other and be close enough so that a conversation can be held. If you have a fairly large room, you can create multiple conversation areas!

Don’t Push Furniture Against the Walls
You should never push all of your furniture up against a wall. The size of the room will dictate how much space you should put in between your walls and furniture. You should always give your pieces breathing room by having a few inches in between the furniture and the wall. However, if you have a larger room, feel free to leave more space in between furniture and walls!

Consider Traffic Flow
Traffic flow is extremely important to furniture arranging. You and your guests don’t want to be tripping over furniture to get through the room. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure there is a couple of feet between the coffee table and the sofas and chairs. The best way to create a great seating arrangement that keeps traffic flow in consideration is to create a clear path that people can walk through without difficulty!

Create Balance When Arranging Furniture
Consider size and placement of all the various pieces that are going in your living room. When arranging your furniture and other items, every element should be balanced. Therefore, you don’t want to group many large pieces together. Make sure there is a variety of shapes and sizes mixed together so the space doesn’t feel uneven and your room is balanced!

Place Tables at Arm’s Length
Whether it’s a coffee table or side table, every seat should have easy access to tables. That means placing tables at arm’s length is the right way to go when arranging furniture. You and your guests shouldn’t have to get up to place their drink or any item down. Therefore, your side tables should be approximately the same height as the chair arms or lower and your coffee table should be the same height as the chair/sofa seats or lower!

Perfect Lighting
Lighting is one of the most important elements in any room. Your home may already have overhead lighting, but you’ll want to mix overhead lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, or any other type of lighting that works with your design. Lighting needs to be placed at different levels so that it is balanced throughout your room. Think about extra lighting other than overhead lighting for a wonderful, perfectly light living room.

Use the Right Size Rug
Believe it or not, rug size can play a huge roll in your living room arrangement. If you have carpeting in your living room you might not need to worry about this tip. However, if you have hardwood floors, than you’ll probably be adding an area rug under your furniture. When you have an area rug, it’s okay to have some exposed flooring, but you’ll want to make sure the rug is big enough that all the furniture in your seating arrangement sits on it. If all of your furniture doesn’t fit on the area rug, don’t worry! The two front legs of your larger pieces should be on the rug while the other two back legs can be on the floor!

Hang the Correct Size Artwork Up
When you hang décor or artwork on the wall, it should be placed in relation to the furniture. Whether it’s artwork, mirrors, or sculptural objects, each piece should be the correct size in relation to the room and furniture around it. Therefore, you don’t want to hang a tiny photo over your sofa or a large piece that is bigger than your sofa. It’s all about balance, so when you go to add artwork make sure it’s sized proportionately to what’s in your living room!

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