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What Square Footage is Right for You?

Bigger houses tend to have more bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces, while smaller houses tend to be more affordable to heat, cool, and maintain. Given the pros and cons of each size home, how much square footage is right for you and your family? The first thing you have to do is consider how much house you need. It’s difficult to know exactly what you need, especially when you are thinking about your future needs, as well. The easiest way to determine the square footage you need is to think about your current and future needs and ask yourself these three questions: How many rooms do you need, how much land do you need, and how much house can you afford?

How Many Rooms Do You Need?
When you are looking for a home and you are trying to decide what square footage would work best for you, you need to ask yourself how many rooms you need? Every household is unique, so it will vary for every homebuyer. Depending on the size of your family, you’ll need a certain amount of bedrooms for each member. However, think ahead into the future, as well. Are you planning on adding one more addition to your family? Do you need a separate room for a home office or playroom? Know what you’ll need ahead of time and it will help you figure out what square footage is right for you.

How Much Land Do You Need?
How much land you need is going to vary for each family. Do you need more yard space for your kids to play? Do you have furry friends that will need a yard to run around in? Do you want to plant a garden, host picnics and entertain outdoors? Do you eventually want to build a pool? Are you comfortable buying a home or townhome that has little to no yard? Consider your family situation and what you’ll need in the years to come.

How Much House Can Your Afford?
This might be the most important question you should ask yourself when deciding what square footage is right for you. Don’t just look at your final mortgage payment and figure you can afford that. Make sure to delve deeper into the numbers and consider the mortgage interest rates, property taxes, maintenance, insurance rates, utilities, homeowner’s association fees, and any other related costs that come with moving and buying a new house. You should also research the area you are looking to move, as well. Depending on the location, certain payments could be higher! The best move to make is to sit down and crunch some numbers, so you know exactly how much house you can afford, helping you figure out what square footage is right for you and your family.

When looking for a home and determining the square footage you and your family will need, ask yourself these three questions to help narrow down your search!

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