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10 Tips for Maintaining Your New Home

Maintaining your home is extremely important to any homebuyer. Your home is one of your biggest investments, so you’ll want to take care of it. Here are ten tips for maintaining your new home!

1. Change Your Air Filters Often
Changing the air filters in your central heat and air unit should be done often, particularly when the unit is being used during peak months. Don’t go longer than thirty days without changing the air filters to keep your unit working properly.

2. Don’t Forget About Your Refrigerator
Your refrigerator deserves some attention every once in while. Keeping your refrigerator clean and in tip-top shape will keep it functioning efficiently and for a longer time. Pay close attention to the door seals of your refrigerator. It should always be sealed tight, so it keeps your food cool and uses less energy. To test if your seal is still in good shape, take a dollar bill and close the door on the bill. Then, try to pull the dollar bill out from the door. If the dollar bill doesn’t budge, your seals are in good shape. However, if there isn’t any resistance, it’s time to replace the seal. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the refrigerator coils along the back of the appliance occasionally!

3. Keep Your Gutters Clean
Gutters are commonly overlooked in most households. Don’t forget to maintain your gutters so they work properly all year long. It’s important that your gutters are in good condition so that they keep the water off your roof. If clogged, rainwater has nowhere to go. Take it upon yourself to clean your gutters a few times a year!

4. Protect Your Entryways
The entryways into your home have the most traffic, which means they track in a lot of dirt and mud. To protect your entryways and the rest of your home from unwanted dirt, use welcome mats. This will give your guests something to wipe their shoes off before entering your home.

5. Keep Track of Pet Behavior
Stay on top of your pets’ behavior and find different ways to alleviate any issues. If your cats are clawing your furniture, buy a clawing pole. If you have a new puppy, make sure it is house-trained before letting he or she roam in carpeted areas. And if some accident does happen, make sure you clean up immediately!

6. Clean Dryer Vents
Dryer vents should never be forgotten when it comes to maintaining your home. Every time you use your dryer, a little bit of lint will be added to the vent. Not only will this make your dryer less efficient at cooling down, but it is also dangerous. All the collected lint in the dryer vent can turn into a fire hazard. Every once in a while, remove the vent and clean out the lint and surrounding area.

7. Keep Track of Kid Behavior
Just like keeping track of your pets’ behavior, you’ll want to keep track of your kids’ behavior has well. Keep any messy items, like crayons and markers, in a controlled area where you can supervise your kids while they are playing. This will keep them from accidentally drawing on the walls in important areas in the home. Also, make sure to set some ground rules that everyone should follow, like only eating at the kitchen table and no colored liquids near light-colored carpeting! This will keep your home clean and in great condition for a long time to come.

8. Remember to Replace Batteries in Detectors
You should always change your batteries in all of your detectors twice a year. Instead of relying on the automatic beeping to tell you when to change the batteries, opt to set a date twice a year to change them. Or if you have trouble remembering, change the batteries when you change clocks for daylight savings time. Also, once the batteries are replaced, make sure to hold the test button down 15-20 seconds after changing so you will know if they battery is faulty or not!

9. Clean Chimneys Yearly
If you have a fireplace in your home that you use, get it cleaned at least once a year. Dirt can easily build up and birds’ nest and other objects can end up in your chimney, which can become a hazard. It’s best to hire a chimney sweep for this job instead of doing it yourself!

10. Deep Clean Your House Twice a Year
Cleaning your house every week is great, but at least two times a year, you should try to deep clean your home. Go through every room in the house and clean everything thoroughly. Not only will you feel accomplished when you are finished, but you’ll love the way your house looks and feels after a deep clean!

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