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Stylish Living Room Tips For Siena Place

Living Area with Coffee Table and Couch

Whether you just moved in or just signed your contract at Siena Place, thoughts of interior design and decorating your new space are swirling. If you’re still searching for a new home in South Philly to fit your style, then look no further than Siena Place. These luxurious townhomes are exceptional, with spacious bedrooms, beautiful areas to entertain, and even space to relax outside with your friends and family. But, let’s focus on your living room – it’s probably where you’ll spend most of your time, especially when entertaining. Here are a few simple décor tips that will freshen up your style and impress your house guests.

Repurpose Your Furniture

If you’re packing up your old place or exploring antique shops looking for the right addition for your new home,  be on the lookout for functional or statement pieces that you can rearrange or refinish. Upcycling is a great way to take an older piece of furniture and make it new again. Bring some vintage pieces to warm up your new, modernized home. Another option could be to re-upholster an outdated couch with a completely new fabric, such as crushed velvet, for a beautiful focal point and conversation piece.

Using an existing piece of furniture from your previous home or apartment is an ideal way to save money in a living room, says HGTV. Before you run out and buy all new things, look around your home and see what you can repurpose. Why not take an old entryway table and turn it into a bar for the corner of your living room? Add some classic decanters and glassware and you’ll have the perfect vintage bar to treat your guests to a cocktail.

Add Art

An inventive way to add art to your living room is to create an art gallery wall comprised of large canvas pieces in a linear or random pattern. Vertical pieces are great for living rooms with tall ceilings, bridging the gap between these cavernous spaces. Bold and visually appealing at the same time, why not make a stunning impression on guests as they enter the room? Head into downtown Philly for a local art show or research galleries nearby – you can find many great local artists to feature in your home!

Windows to the World

If you have the potential for plenty of natural light, highlight your windows with luxurious draperies that boost the luxurious feel of your living room. Don’t get too heavy or ornate, but instead focus on a high quality of material perhaps with a one-of-a-kind trim to give it just the right amount of accent. Customized drapes are the easiest way to boost the glamour of your living room.

Pillows, Pillows and More Pillows!

Pillows are perhaps the most affordable and versatile way to add life to your living room. They’re inexpensive plus you can let your true personality shine by mixing and matching your favorite designs. Hit local flea markets to pick up some vintage fabrics and make your own down insert pillows for an extra personalized touch. Use different textiles, fabrics, colors and patterns that are complementary yet different for a unique style all your own. Best part is, you can switch them out through the seasons to provide a décor update for the room that is always refreshing.

Can’t wait to put your own finishing touches on your new home? Or searching for the perfect home for your style, contact us today to learn more about Siena Place and our available homes.