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Bring Summer Inside with These Bright Colors

bright-summer-colorsBrighten up your home with some bright and fun colors, either as furniture, accents, paint or more! There’s no need to redesign your whole home. Even just a few bold accents can make all the difference between ho-hum and amazing.

Animal Prints

Yes, zebra stripes are monochromatic, but think what splashes of color you can add to them to make them pop! A zebra patterned lamp or throw rug, or a leopard patterned pillow can help you explore your wild side. Animal prints never go out of style, so incorporate them in prints on your wall or hang fabrics to add another layer of dimension. Go with a crazy patterned rug for whimsical appeal that also happens to add tactile and visual interest, according to Real Simple.

Wall Coloring

Many homeowners are deathly afraid of coloring their walls in anything more than a neutral tone. We say throw caution out the window and get bold with tangerine orange for a bathroom or bright red for a playroom. If you still love neutrals like beiges, off-whites, grays and creams and prefer to add splashes of color with accents instead, go with a sky blue to bring extra warmth, energy and vitality to the house. Neutral doesn’t always mean beige. You can be neutral with a pale blue and still make the surrounding space work for you. Pale yellow is an ideal color for a bright living room with lots of sun, as it symbolizes energy and cheer. You can even use it in a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, to simulate that cheery feeling. Just because you have a bare wall in your house doesn’t mean you automatically have to paint it. Add lightweight two-dimensional tiles that are easily removable when your tastes change.

Highlight Bold Colors

Got a white wall that needs new life breathed into it? Highlight bold colors against the stark white of your walls with rich chocolate brown sofas and soft purple accents. When you add color, creativity and character to the room, you add visual interest to draw the eye. You don’t have to go too far outside your comfort zone to make an impact. Get a little funky yet keep it real.

Start Small

If you’re intimidated by color, start off with a small room such as a guest powder room. You’ll spend less time and money and the commitment isn’t as big! House Beautiful suggests trying a loud geometric pattern in a bright ocean blue for a dramatic effect. Accent with whites and silvers so the entire impact doesn’t end up being too overwhelming.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to brighten up your home with summer colors, consult with the designers at Judd Builders. We can make your home feel cheery and sunny in no time!