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Helpful Home Organizing Tips

organizing tips

If you’re not on top of your organization, clutter can get out of hand. Keeping small organization tips in mind can keep you on top of your organization and make your daily life easier. Here are important steps in getting and staying organized that a lot of people may overlook:

1. Coat storage by the door can make a huge difference. Hanging it up right when you come in will keep you from losing it and it will also keep you from forgetting it upstairs in your closet on your way out. Coat racks, hooks and pegs can all help keep your coats in their place.

2. Everyone is always losing their keys. So why not make a place for them? There are a number of ways to store your keys to prevent losing them such as individual hooks and key hangers are the most effective in organization, or a basket or bowl will do. This should also be kept by the door for easy access.

3. Cords can get out of control if there are too many in one spot. Cord organizers will solve this problem. There are flexible and rigid cord organizers. Flexible organizers keep cords concealed so that you can run a bunch of cords where they need to go and rigid organizers that contain all cords in one outer shell.

4. Many may forget about under the bed storage, which can be very useful if done properly. In order to execute proper bed storage, you need to make sure it’s organized in bins first, not just thrown under it. Beds provide great long term storage for anything you don’t necessarily need access to everyday. This could be winter clothes in the summer (and vise versa), backup pillows and comforters, old papers, etc.

5. It’s not hard for dresser tops to get messy. Most people have a lot on there to begin with, so if things are put back in their proper place, it can get ugly. Try to keep only the essentials on your dresser. Makeup is necessary if you use it by your dresser mirror, otherwise keep it where it is used such as in the bathroom. Jewelry is also a common item for a dresser top, which can be stored in multiple ways including boxes, hangers or displays you can buy. Every item should have its spot to keep the surface organized.