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East Penn Seen As A Highly Efficient School District

Students filling out answer sheets at exam

East Penn School District has ranked near the top on the list of schools with a higher return on investment, according to a survey conducted by Center For American Progress. The survey has shown that a lot of American public schools produce underachieving students even though the spending of U.S. schools has increased enormously.

East Penn; however, is considered to be a high-achieving, low-spending school in comparison with other schools across the country. This ensures taxpayers and parents that the money at East Penn is being spent wisely on their students.

Compared to local school districts by CAP, East Penn is ranked right under Parkland and above Southern Lehigh as top area performing districts.

East Penn is located near of one of Judd Builders’ communities, Spring Ridge Crossing. There are great schools for your children to receive a great education in this beautiful area!