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Bucks County Parks and Trails

tyler state park

Beautiful outdoor areas in Bucks County make perfect hiking, biking and walking trails, many of which most people might not know about. Here is a list of Bucks County’s top trails to visit when you’re in need of some quality fresh air and Mother Nature:

  1. Loop Trails along the Delaware River provide 5 different loops for you to bike or walk along whichever you please. You can walk around one loop or combine loops, take in the beautiful river views or explore the river towns along the way. All trails take you into both Pennsylvania and New Jersey using the bridges laying across the Delaware River. It’s a great way to explore the area and get your fix of exercise.
  2. Tyler State Park takes you deep within the forest with its multiple scenic trails to take a relaxing walk, bike or run through the park. There are even horseback riders that visit the 10.5 miles of paved trails. Tyler State Park has picnic tables and pavilions to have enjoy lunch by the open forest and water in the park.
  3. Delaware Canal State Park is a 60-mile long, more hidden trail that is perfect for running and was once the pathway of the canal between Easton and Bristol. This adds history to your journey as you travel on the pathway under the tall trees surrounding it.
  4. Peace Valley Park has a blacktop trail along Lake Galena suited for biking. You are truly deep within nature in this park where 250 species of birds have been spotted over time along with flowers all around the bike path. Picnic areas are available along with fishing and boating.
  5. Ringing Rocks Park is a good hiking trail where you can trek¬†down to boulder field covered in rocks that ring when you hit them with a hammer. The park is 128 acres, giving plenty of space to explore the area. Make sure to find the country’s largest waterfall while your there, and afterwards have a picnic while you take in the scenery.

All of Bucks County’s finest parks and trails are located near Judd Builders’ community, Poet’s Walk. Take your family to one of the parks on a nice day to enjoy a picnic and a stroll through the outdoors together. Explore them all and experience each one’s unique beauty!