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2016 Living Room Decorating Trends

The Wissahickon

2016 is far from being over, but there are definitely trends and patterns that have taken over interior design thus far. Here are some trends of this year, specifically in living rooms, that are seen as the best in getting that trendy design in your home:

  1. Gold is making more of an appearance this year than in the past. Many have found ways to place it in every room of their home in small details to add a touch of elegance. A gold chandelier, centerpiece, center table or a lamp can transform the style of the room into a more luxurious one.
  2. Patterns are constantly going in and out of style. For 2016, floral is the pattern trend of the year. With so many places to put it, floral patterns can add life and a pop of color to any room. Use it on wallpaper, pillows, rugs or even a couple pieces of furniture as an accent.
  3. On the opposing side, 2016 has shown popularity in bold, dramatic colors in living rooms. Black, strong grey and other dark colors are used for a dramatic living room. With the right amount of bold color in the right places, you can create an elegant, darker room without overdoing it.
  4. Another trend is pink and blue covering the living room. Each color provides a relaxing feel and you can even use different tones of both to create contrast in the room, while still matching all of your pieces.
  5. Textures is the final big trend of 2016. Going back to luxury, rugs, cushions and throw pillows of soft textures will bring a unique element to living rooms. Fur, satin, velvet and other rich textures can improve the appearance of a living room.

These are the trends of this year that will make your living room pop. Some are very different than others, giving you a variety to choose from when updating your living room. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch to the popular trends to make it one of a kind!