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Open Floor Plans: Why This Type of Layout is Right for Your Family

Open plan living room and kitchen with wooden floors
Open plan living room and kitchen with wooden floors

Open floor plans are all the rage right now and for good reason. They’re especially popular with contemporary couples who love to entertain without the confines of walls and small rooms, as well as with large or growing families who need the extra space for kids and pets to roam freely. Here is a look at the benefits of open floor plans and why this type of layout is right for your family.

What is an Open Floor Plan?

Well, it’s just like it sounds: a large, open room that provides a variety of functions within one living space. Also known as a great room, this layout combines kitchen, dining room and living room all in one, with no walls to separate the three. This is an ideal layout for smaller homes where you want to increase the look and feel of a large space. It also works great for larger homes to truly make use of the available open space.


If your home was built prior to the 1990s, it likely features small rooms with clearly defined spaces, with either full walls or three-quarter walls. Architects and builders of that age felt that homes would be more attractive and cozy featuring compartmentalized rooms. Fast forward to today and homeowners are looking for more usable space within the same amount of square footage – thus, the open floor plan has become more and more popular in the last two decades.

Benefits of Open Floor Plans

There are several advantages to working with an open floor plan:

  • More space to entertain: If you love to cook and have guests over, you’re probably a big fan of the open floor plan. Instead of being relegated to the kitchen slaving over the meal while guests enjoy conversation in another room, open floor plans bring everyone together so that meal prep and entertainment can take place concurrently.
  • Better supervision capacities: If you have small children and need to make dinner, you can easily keep an eye on them as they watch TV or play in the adjoining room without having to worry. You can also clean house, pay bills, talk on the phone, and set the table all while being in the same room as your children and pets. No need to check on them constantly from down the hall.
  • More natural light: Because there are no walls separating each room, less natural light from the windows gets blocked. You save on energy bills because you don’t need to flip on a light switch whenever you walk into a small room. You may pay less in heating, too, as the sun can naturally warm the interior of the home.
  • Increase flow and function: You can move about more freely within an open floor plan, without having to navigate around obstacles to get where you need to be. That means more room to stretch out, play and live. Plus, you have more options when it comes to defining zones, adding style, and establishing flow in open spaces, says Better Homes and Gardens.

If an open floor plan sounds like something you’d love, get in touch with Judd Builders today. We can make it happen!