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A Checklist When You Leave Your Home For A Long Vacation

leaving home for a long vacation

If you plan on leaving your home for a long vacation, it’s important to take care of your permanent home first before you go. This will ensure that your home will be safe while you’re enjoying your time away and make sure your saving your money. Here is a checklist with items on home maintenance as well as on how to keep people from breaking in!

  1. The first tip is to turn off your main water supply. If you won’t be using it for a while, there’s no need to leave it on. It will also prevent any leaks from getting out of hand.
  2. Check your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. If a storm comes around while your gone and the sump pump isn’t working, your basement could flood. To test it, dump a bucket of water in it and the pump should turn on when the hole fills with water.
  3. If you have a programmable thermostat, you leave your house colder or hotter (depending on the time of year) while your gone, and put it back to a comfortable temperature the day before your going to be back. If you have a manual one, it’s still worth leaving your home at 85 degrees, if you vacation in the summer, to save energy.
  4. Don’t forget to unplug your electronics! Televisions, computers, stereos and other electronics all draw power and a power surge could happen while you’re away.
  5. To make sure your house doesn’t look completely empty while your away and attract burglars, use timers to light rooms at certain times of the day. This way you won’t have to leave them on the entire time your gone, because that will waste a lot of money. Set them to turn off and on at the times you want as a great way to protect your home!
  6. You can also consider notifying the police that you’ll be gone. If you’re leaving town for more than a week, let them know so that if they’re in the area they can keep an eye on it.
  7. If you don’t want to contact the police or you want backup, ask a neighbor or friend to stop by your house once a day. Also make sure they take care of any pets or water flowers!

This is a great list for those living in Judd Builders’ 55+ communities, Meadow View Farms and Renaissance at Morgan Creek planning on any long vacations in the future. It’s important to keep your home safe for when you return and also for peace of mind to guarantee that you will enjoy your trip!