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Styling Your Guest Room: Creative Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Your guest room is an important room of the house, particularly if you like to entertain a lot, because it’s where your family and friends will seek solace when in your company. It should be cozy, welcoming, warm and stylish to greet your guests with open arms. They’re likely tired from traveling all day or perhaps they want a place to crash after your famous New Year’s Eve party. Whatever the case, here are some creative ways to make your guests feel at home.

Beach Getaway

Your guests have come from far and wide to stay with you. Treat them to a beach-side escape that makes them feel like they’re by the sea. Create a coastal-themed guest room by installing an airy beadboard-style molding around the room to make a definitive contrast between wall and ceiling, flanked by crisp white bedding accented with sea blue, suggests DIY Network. Add asparagus green sheers and accent pillows with vases of sea shells and sand to complete the look.

Cozy Nooks

If you have a very small guest room or converted attic space, embrace the coziness by using warm colors, simple décor and reading nook areas so they get plenty of privacy to chill out. Bean bags or a window seat can further enhance the feeling of comfort and warmth in small spaces.

Hotel Stylings

For guests who are used to the star treatment, why not indulge then in a room that resembles a five-star hotel? Go completely modern, with crisp, clean lines, clean-cut furnishings and minimal décor reminiscent of the most sophisticated hotels out there. Purchase a convertible sofa for quick bed extensions at the end of the day, punctuated by light furnishings that pull double duty such as a coffee table/ottoman. Grays, oranges, and stark whites work well for this type of room.

Make Use of Space

If your home is just not that big but you definitely want to incorporate a separate space for your guests, convert your office into an occasional guest room with the addition of a Murphy bed. This type of bed can hide in the wall behind dark trendy paneling, and at night it can be pulled down for your guests to enjoy a good night’s rest. Built in storage on the side gives your guests an instant end tables and shelving to place books, phones and other necessities.

Romantic Retreat

A four-poster bed with a gauzy canopy makes for a romantic retreat for your couple friends. Add a tall vase of fresh roses to the side table to add an accent of color as well as a fresh aroma.

Incorporating one of these creative stylings into your guest room is a sure way to make your friends and family feel welcome and comfortable.