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What To Look For In A New Home Beyond Inspection

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While looking for a new home, it’s obvious that the most important aspect is making sure it passes inspection. No one wants to have a leaking roof or faulty wiring in their brand new home, but there are items on the home-buying checklist beyond the home’s inspection that will affect the living experience in your home. Make sure that all of these parts meet your standards to ensure that you love not only the functionality of your home, but the feel of it too:

1. The interior layout of your home can make a big difference in your day to day experiences in your new home. You want the layout to have a natural and organized flow to it when walking from one room to the next. Walk through the home and imagine your daily life in it to see if it fits.

2. Window size and placement can also greatly affect someone’s living experience. The right amount of lighting depending on your preferences and also depending on the room can change your opinion on a home as well as simply where they are located in the home. Since changing the windows in a home is not the cheapest renovation, it’s ideal to find a home that has well-placed windows. With that being said, if there are a couple homes you feel strongly about, make arrangements to view them a second time at a different point in the day to get a better idea of what the lighting will be like if you live in it.

3. Laundry rooms can sometimes be in inconvenient locations such as in the corner of a basement. If this is something that is important to you, make the effort to find a home with an easily accessible laundry room since this is a chore that is done quite frequently.

4. Kitchens are a more popular area in homes today than they were in the past. Many people use the kitchen for entertaining, having dinner with family or even just for more cooking. With that in mind, you may want to be more picky about the features in the kitchen of your new home based on your preferences. Some kitchen features that people find more important include the kind of stove, the layout, sinks, natural lighting, storage area and overall size.

5. Choose a home with enough bathrooms to meet your family’s needs to avoid the expense of adding a new one later. Even if you are looking for a home for only one or two people, an extra powder room on the main floor isn’t a bad idea.

6. Lot grade is another aspect to consider when shopping for a new home. Not only do you want to be happy with the size of the yard around your home, but also the steepness. Having a larger yard is nice, but much less enjoyable if it’s too steep to walk down. Also, think about the future of your yard. If adding a deck or patio is a project you would consider adding to your home, make sure it is able to be added to the yard of your home.